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Circlelord Swirls

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SWIRLS 15 Template   Long Arm and S
SWIRLS12 is for Mid Arm machines

The Swirls15 templates has 2 rows of 3 sizes of spirals with fill pattern.

It is continuous stitching from one end to the other.
It comes in King and Queen+1/2 size.
Fast! Fast! Fast! As fast as you can sew.
The Swirls12 has 2 rows of spirals with fill to fit into 12 inches of sewing height.

Click on picture to enlarge

Click on picture to enlarge

One of the best to show the power of the Swirls to give motion to a pattern
Hi Michael
Thank you for the kind words. I was very pleased how it all came out.  It is my own quilt (I currently don’t quilt for others), which I am putting in a fund raising auction for our local rod and gun club.   Yes you can post my pictures  if you like.   You can also use what you may from this email.
I use swirls a lot, it is my go to for a lot of quilts, this picture just shows the quilting better as my friend took the picture, and there was great lighting.
It does not take long to figure out, I load the quilt either lengthwise (if I want the swirls that way) or sideways. (Head of the quilt to the right, or left depending on the effect I want)  This one I did lengthwise, so that when you stood at the front of the machine (Liberty), you would look at the quilt the correct way.  The only problem I had was to adjust the board again once the bulk on my take-up roller was hitting the back of the machine throat, but once adjusted no problem.  For this quilt I used Wonder clear invisible thread on the top, and Essential cotton thread on the back. ( from Connecting Threads).  The fabric is from Rushin Tailor Quilt shop in Alaska,  (I combinee 2 kits with added fabric for my vision) and warm and natural is the batting.  Finished size was 108” x 114”.  It goes to auction this weekend, so will see what it brings. 
I absolutely love the movement that the swirls board gives to a quilt. 
Once again Michael thanks,  and thank you for your wonderful product. 
Vicki Nielsen (Northern Girl ) BC Canada

"I love my basic CL but I have to admit that the one MOST POPULAR template is the CL Swirls. In the last week, or so, I have quilted 7 quilts with that one, and just received 2 more in the mail to do. It's really easy, and looks amazing on all quilts. "
Carol Lyon

More examples of Swirls Quilts
Dell Dunman Florida
This was pieced by Cynthia and Circle Lord Swirls Board was a purrrfect choice for this quilt! A great quilt for our island life here on Amelia Island!!!

Caroline Berch
I just completed this quilt with the Circle Lord Swirls boards and the experience was a bit unique.  

My customer brought me the quilt and a fluffy polar fleece blanket for the back.   We discussed this and I suggested Hobbs Polydown batting after considering a lightweight cotton, the Hobbs  or nothing at all.   For thread, I used Bottom Line thread in the bobbin and King Tut on top, and I raised my hopping foot.
I also used the 'push button thingy' and bobbin cam so that I could work from the front.  I think it came out kind of nice.  Certainly - the back is very interesting.  Here are some pictures....

More Samples
Swirlz by Julie Mahler on her Innova

Scrappy quilt piece by Julie Sefton and quilted by Chris Ballard

Back of scrappy quilt by Chris Ballard


Quilt by Judith Fosse



"Love this swirls template! Another lovely quilt and satisfied customer!
                                          Chris Ballard"
Betsy's by Patti Butcher

Barbara's by Patti Butcher

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Joanne Kabat - Swirls Template

I used the CL Swirls Big Boards on this one of my daughters quilts.

Joy - Jelly Rolls -Swirls Template

customer quilt
She just used jelly rolls with a couple of borders
76 x 68
Swirls pattern all over

Angie - QOV - Swirls

This is the first quilt I've completed using my new Circle Lord. I used the "Swirls" template boards . Like every one has said at one time or another---It easy and fun!

Approx. 68" x 72"
Donation String Quilt top made by group of quilters in Fair Oaks, CA for the Quilts of Valor organization.

Angie - Fleece - Swirls

I don't know if a fleece quilt will qualify. But, I used my Circle Lord and the Swirls on this one:
Approx: 60" x 70"

Linnea Marie - Swirls Template

T-Shirt Quilt with Swirls!

This is one I did from scratch for a customer's daughter. I added the sashing and stabilized the T-shirts.
Thanks to directions from my friend on the Forum, Sylvia; it turned out great!
The same lady gave me 2 more to do!! Yippee! T-shirt quilts are not my favorite thing to do, but bring a lot of $$ and the Circle Lord makes it go soooo fast!

Nannie Diggs - Cheese & Crackers - Swirl

Cheese and Crackers Pattern

Posting for Nannie Diggs:Pattern: Cheese and Crackers.
I quilted this twin-size with the CL Swirlz.
The pattern stood out and really added to the quilt's appeal.

Joy - Swirls

customer quilt
It was 82 x 82 inches and she wanted the swirls pattern too
boy has this template paid for itself
It is the most used template my customers love it

Corey - Hungry Caterpiller - Swirls

Very Hungry Caterpillar, pattern by Gail Kessler, size 70 x 51
Corey Starkey Piecer, I used the circle Lord Swirl Board

Angie - Bright Flannel - Swirls

Twin size
Hand Dyed Flannel quilt top.
Swirls template boards

Joy - Lavinia's - Swirls

Customer Quilt using swirls again
it was 75 x 75 inches
Drunkard path Template design

Joy - Demo - Swirls

This is a shop demonstration quilt for a class they are going to do together
It was 75 x 75 inches
With the large swirls on it

Kathy Henderson - Swirls

Thirty-three members of the La Crosse Area Quilt Guild made blocks for this quilt. I pieced the quilt and quilted it using the Swirls template. It's named Tropical Turnover, and it measures 92" by 92" inches.

The quilt will be raffled off in August. Each member who worked on the quilt, or paid their dues on time will have a chance to win.

Sandra Darlington - Swirls template

Here's a small throw for a wheel chair, using the Swirlz.

Leslie McSorley Giant Swirls

The name of the quilt is Frogs and Bugs. Pieced by Barbara B; Quilted by Leslie McSorley The Crafty Unicorn Quilting. Pattern is unknown and the size is 48" X 60". I used the Giant Swirls template. I love the way the Swirls look like ripples in the water of the pond.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Swirls Quilt by Angie

I recently did this whole cloth Batik quilt for our granddaughter. She is off to her first year of college and wanted a durable yet pretty quilt for her dorm room bed.  She picked this berry colored Batik which reverses to a burgandy shade of Batik.  It will get a lot of wear & tear as she and her college friends will be studying, sitting and eating on the bed much of the time I'm sure!  Here are some pictures.  I used one of my favorite Circle Lord long boards, "Swirls".  Warm n' White batting.

Thank you for making such a great product that I enjoy using sew-much!

~Angie, Santa Rosa, CA

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swirls By Carol Cunningham

Hi, Here are pictures of a quilt, quilted by Carol Cunningham, APQS dealer from Ontario, Canada.

Hi, Here are pictures of a quilt, quilted by Carol Cunningham, APQS dealer from Ontario, Canada.