Sunday, March 23, 2008

Karen's Swirls Bargello

We really appreciate seeing work done with our templates. Below is a quilt done by Karen Simons from Louisiana.

You can see her original posting on the APQS Forum:

Click on picture to enlarge

Hi Kay and Michael,
Thank you for your kind note! I LOVE my Circle Lord! As a new longarm quilter, I was really struggling with the learning curve. I was YEARS away from making anything so pretty, until I got your wonderful product! The funny thing is, my husband...who is very good with finances and he's incredibly tight ;-) was not too happy when I first bought my templates. Now he LOVES to quilt the Swirls. I have to help with tension issues, etc, but he is taking over the quilting! It is nice that we have something to do together. Thank You so much for your product, and I want to buy more, soon,
Hugs to you both, Karen and Tommy Simons in Louisiana